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New and current auto repair issues are discussed by Mark on his AZCentral car blog

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The first section of FAQs deals with finding
and dealing with any repair shop.

The next section FAQs, deals with symptom driven problems.

The final section covers other topics of general interest.

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Finding and dealing
with a repair shop.

01.  Finding a good repair facility

02.  What kind of Customers do shops NOT WANT?

03.  What can I do and say to make sure I'm treated fairly

when I get my car fixed?

04.  What NOT to say to your shop

05.  What can I do to protect myself from getting ripped off?

06.  How can I tell if the technician knows what he's doing?

07.  What maintenance schedule should I follow?

08.  Mark Salem’s Recommended Annual Maintenance Schedule

09.  Test it where it lives

10.  Mr. Shop Owner, Is your repair "a guess" or "a fix"?

11.  But I’m only 150 miles out of warranty!

12.  I think I was taken, what should I do?


13.  A/C smells & proper usage

14.  Additives: engine, transmission & fuel

15.  Aftermarket warranties, good or bad?

16.  Alignment issues

17.  Belts & hoses

17.5    Brakes, brakes and more brakes!

18.  Check Engine Light or Service Engine Soon (SES) Light

19.  Cooling system problems, overheating, leaks, etc

20.  Emission testing, emission failures and repairs

21.  Engine flush for $129? Should I?  READ THIS

22.  Engine Noises

23.  Fuel economy: How can I do better?

24.  Fuel injectors

25.  Hard to start, extended cranking hot or cold

26.  Heater Problems

27.  Idle Problems

28.  "NO START" no crank, no click

29. Oil

30. Oil Filters

31. Oil change intervals

32. Synthetic oils

33.  Oil Consumption Problems

34.  Pinging problems

35.  Rear A/C?  Better READ THIS

36.  Road salt

37.  Shocks & struts

38.  Smoke: black, blue, white or gray

39.  Spark plugs

40.  Starting & warming up your car

41.  Storing your car long term

42.  Suspension clunk or noise

43.  Throttle blades dirty, what the heck is that?

44.  Tires

45.  Tire rotations

46.  Transmission repair & services

47.  Tune ups, when & why?

48.  Vibrations: Engine or Suspension

49.  My car won’t go into reverse when it's cold

50.  My GM car jerks and dies at a stop

51.  My car dies, stalls or loses power

52.  Should I keep it, fix it or trade it in?

53.  Super or regular unleaded?

54.  Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) & Recalls

55.  Boy, do I have a weird electrical problem . . .

56. Brake fluid flush, why?

57. Coolant color issues.

58. Timing belts, timing chains.

59.  Labor book times versus actual time.

60.  Trailer tires, loads and inflation.

61Nitrogen in my tires? A good idea? READ THIS.

Topics of General Interest

62Why doesn’t Mark’s repair shop, Salem Boys, offer phone estimates?

63. Should I buy a Hybrid?  Better READ THIS.

Still nothing?

Then take this link to my e-mail address , then

on the subject line type "Car Repair Question".

Then give me the year, make, model and miles of your car and give me the symptoms. Last, tell me what repairs you've tried and if they have made anything better or worse.

  Because I can get 500 car questions a week, I can no longer answer every question I get. So if you don't get an answer from me, it's probably because your questions is answered somewhere on our website. You see, I know if your question has been addressed somewhere in our site, because I created  all the FAQs and wrote all the text throughout our site!

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